My Nail Romance with Adventures in Acetone

Adventures In Acetone is a nail blog full of indie swatches and cute nail art. The nails behind the blog belong to 26 year old Jacki, a wife and mom of two who wakes up hours early just to paint her nails.

Tell me a bit about your blog

Adventures In Acetone is a nail art blog with a lot of indie brands (and some mainstream polishes) swatches thrown into the mix as well. It started out as a hobby for me a year and a half ago when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan in the US Army and has turned into a huge part of my life now. I’ve met some amazing people in the nail art community and am so glad I decided to start my blog!

How often do you post?

A few times a week. Sometimes it will be each day, and other weeks are too busy around here to even change up my nails more than twice a week. (I have a 4 1/2 year old and a 4 month old so nails only happen in the early mornings for me or after they’ve gone to bed for the night.)

Are you left or right handed?


What’s your best tip for painting your other hand?

Practice, patience, and good cleanup! Honestly, I could barely paint my nails on my right hand without making a huge mess and now there is barely a difference in the two. I always use an angled brush dipped in acetone to clean up the edges on both hands.

How often do you paint your nails?

I tend to go a little crazy if I have on the same polish for more than a few days.

How many polishes in your collection?

As of today, 424.

How do you store your polishes?

2 “melmer” systems. Basically, they are three-drawer units from Michaels craft store meant to hold scrapbook paper but the height of the drawers are perfect for polish bottles to stand up in!

Which brand has the best brush?

Oh, good one! I really like the wider and flatter brush by OPI but the smaller brushes in Zoya, China Glaze, etc, are easier for nail art.

Favourite polish brand?


Favourite indie brand?

Oh man, this is a hard one! I have so many that I love! Please don’t make me answer!! lol

Favourite colour?

I tend to gravitate more toward aquas, teals, blues, periwinkles and purples.

Favourite colour combinations?

Aqua and pink, purple and teal, but there are a lot of combinations that I’m trying and liking all the time! That’s one of my favorite things about nail art—I am constantly trying to decide which colors would look best in a look I have in mind.

What colour did you wear on your wedding day?

I got married 7 years ago, during my acrylic nail phase. (Cringing and never wanting to damage my natural nails like that again) So for the wedding I had a classic French manicure.

What’s your favourite nail art trend?

Gradients right now!

Thank you so much  for sharing your Nail Romance Jacki! You can follow Jacki’s nail adventures at Adventures in Acetone and connect with her online –

Instagram: @adventuresinacetone

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