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Hi, and welcome to Nail Romance. The beauty site that’s all about loving your nails.

Nails have never been bigger and the range of products available can be confusing. Nail Romance is your guide to the leading nail bloggers and the latest trends in nails.

About the Editor

Hi, I’m Christina.

I’m known as the hair behind Hair Romance, a world renowned hair blog, but I also have an obsession with nails.

Actually it’s a recent obsession as I confess I was hopeless at doing my nails until last year. Now I can change colours in less time than I can change outfits and I feel naked without polish on my nails. It all started while I was shooting hair tutorials for my hairstyle ebooks. All those close up photos of my hands made me put some effort in to my nails and I loved how much fun it was. Just like a bright lipstick, bright nails can lift your mood.

I started Nail Romance to guide you through the nail blogosphere and to help you to love your nails.

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