Sportsgirl Nail it - Scented nail polish 1

Sportsgirl Nail it - Scented nail polish 2

Sportsgirl Nail it - Scented nail polish 3

Scented nail polish – who knew there was such a thing?

I mean, you don’t generally go up and ask someone to smell your finger, do you?

But what if a gentleman wants to kiss your hand, or you touch your boyfriend’s face? Then these tropical scented polishes are perfect.

I love the novelty when I’m doing my nails as the scent is better than the usual polish aroma. It makes painting my nails more fun.

I’m still obsessed with all things orange, so tangerine is my favourite, but the pineapple is perfect for summer.

How do you feel about scented nail polishes? What’s your favourite fragrant polish?

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  1. How much are these and where can I get them

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