Nail Romance – Love Your Nails!

Hello and welcome to Nail Romance!

Nail Romance is all about your nails. I feel naked without polish and have quickly developed an obsession for multicoloured nails.

After blogging for two years at Hair Romance, I’m bringing my love of nails to the Romance family. In the same spirit of Hair Romance, you’ll find easy tips and tricks for accessorising with your nails. Plus I’ll be interviewing leading nail bloggers about their favourites to share with you.

Whether you’re a polish addict or just trying to learn how to paint your own nails, you’ll find it all you need to love your nails at Hair Romance.

Get ready to have fun with your nails!

Christina x

8 thoughts on “Nail Romance – Love Your Nails!”

  1. Thanks for the tip about base coat – I always skip this step and wonder why my polish chips almost straight away!! I am going to go out and buy a good base coat today! Mary


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