Nail-spiration: Nail Stickers

The cheat’s way to nail art, nail stickers give you the look of patterned nails with minimum effort.

I first discovered nail stickers in Sephora earlier this year. I am always doing my nails at the last minute and I ran out of time to paint my nails before heading to a friend’s wedding. I put a packet of nail stickers in my handbag and ran out the door. I ended up doing my nails as I walked to the wedding ceremony and I took the above photo at the reception.

Yes, these stickers are so easy you can put them on walking but I suggest sitting down for the first attempt.

Nail Sticker Shopping Guide

Sally Hansen and Sephora are my tried and tested nail stickers. I love the look of the Butter London range and need to try these very soon.

Tips for applying nail stickers

  • File and buff your nails before applying the stickers. Make sure your hands and nails are clean.
  • Before starting, check the size of the stickers to determine which will fit your nail. I like to lay them out so I know which is for each finger.
  • Don’t fret if it’s not straight first time. The stickers can be lifted and repositioned two or three times.

Nail stickers aren’t cheap when compared to the price of nail polish, but you get a salon finish for a fraction of the salon price. They’re quick, there’s no drying time and you can do them at the last minute for a professional finish.

Do you wear nail stickers?

9 thoughts on “Nail-spiration: Nail Stickers”

  1. I LOVE nail polish strips! I’m absolutely horrid at nail art, and you get a fancy look for much less than you’d spend at the salon. China Glaze came out with their version a few months ago, and they are my favorite!

  2. I tried the Sally Hanson nail stickers but hated them! They smell so bad – so much worse than regular polish! They’re really not much easier than regular nail polish, you still have to have a steady hand and be very careful. I’m pretty broke too, so I just stick with regular nail polish.

  3. I just recently tried nail stickers for the first time and I must say I love them! I’m still getting the proper application technique down, but as a new mom I don’t have time to let my nails dry so these are perfect. I tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects brand and they were about $8 (US), so yes more expensive than a bottle of polish but still cheaper than going to get a manicure. I can’t wait to try other brands/colors/patterns on my nails.

    PS I love your Hair Romance blog & am so excited for this one. Congratulations on your new blog!

    • PSS I recently saved the unused strips (even though you’re supposed to discard them since they don’t stick as well) and used 2 on both of my ring fingers to give an accent pattern, while the rest of my nails are painted a solid color. It worked pretty well. So mixing polish & stickers can be a option too.

      • Oh that is a brilliant idea Rhonda! So going to try that. Thanks so much for coming over from Hair Romance too xx

  4. I’m a big fan of nail stickers. I know they’re a bit more pricey than polish, but great for a special occasion or when time is short, I love all the funky designs too, I get so many positive comments when I’m wearing those pretty patterns. Easy to apply, pretty as a picture and relatively long lasting…what’s not to love?!

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