Loving… Gel nails

How often do you paint your nails?

If you like to keep the same colour you’ll love gel nails. Similar to Shellac, Orly Gel FX is a gel nail system that is cured with LED lights.

I’m wearing Haute Red, a bright orange-red creme and I had my nails done at The Australasian College Broadway.

The pros and cons of gel nails


  • Once cured, they are dry straight away and you don’t need to worry about bumping or marking them
  • They last longer than regular polish. Orly claims it can last for more than two weeks but you should get 7-10 days without a chip
  • Uses LED light system which is safer and faster than UV light systems
  • Orly Gel FX formulas contain vitamins to help nourish your nails


  • Limited colour range, though they have chosen the bigest sellers from the normal polish range so your favourites are available
  • It takes longer to apply. There’s a primer, base coat, colour and top coat with 30 second curing time for each layer
  • It takes longer to remove. That could be a post in itself, but it’s an arduous process to remove.

If you love changing colours as often as you change clothes, gel nails are not for you. However if you like some time in the salon to relax and get your nails done, you’ll love gel nails. You can also buy the kit to do your nails at home.

Are you a fan of gel nails? And can you believe the Australasian College only charges $10 for a gel manicure?

8 thoughts on “Loving… Gel nails”

    • It’s such a bargain! It’s part of the college so they have students working there alongside professionals but they are great

  1. Hi Christina,

    I am a lover of Gel Nails and only certain brands.
    I have tried quite a few and yet to try Orly.
    Orly has been such a professional brand for Beauty Salons for years.

    I only did Gel nails on all my clients when I owned a Beauty Salon – never Acrylic. (We did do Acrylic but quickly gave it the flick).
    Though – we never had the pleasures of nail polish Gel like now.

    Anyway to the present day – I love it like I said – and I think you know I have had it on my blog quite a few times now.

    I can help with removal if you need

    have a lovely day

    x Loulou

    • Hi Loulou, I never tried acrylics but they were never really my style. Would love your tips on removal, maybe a guest post in the near future? x

  2. Great post Christina! I haven’t tried gel yet… for the reason you have listed: I like to change my colour 🙂 but I have a kit at home so its time will come… maybe for holidays?

    • Thanks Maria! Yes I was thinking the same, great for holidays as you don’t need to do any touchups but it’s weird wearing the same colour for so long.


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