Crazy nails at the 2013 Nail Olympics

Nail Olympics 2013 - crazy nails

In more crazy world news, the 2013 Nail Olympics just took place in Rome, Italy.

Yes, the Nail Olympics. Who knew there was such a thing?

This year over 220 manicurists competed before a panel of experts to see who could create the most amazing set of nails. Check out some of the craziest nails.

Nail Olympics 2013 - geisha nails

Nail Olympics 2013 - measuring stiletto nails

Nail Olympics 2013 - pirate nails

Nail Olympics 2013 - psychedelic stiletto nails

Nail Olympics 2013 - under the sea nails

Nail Olympics 2013 - wicked witch nails

Have you heard of the Nail Olympics? How would they answer the phone with those nails??

Images via Huffington Post

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