Loving…Sparkles and hologram polishes

Make Up Store Greta hologram polish_Nail Romance

Hologram nail polishes, or holos, are so much better in real life. I can’t tell you how long I tried to get an accurate photo of this polish.

I’m wearing Greta, a linear hologram polish from The MakeUp Store. I have to confess I didn’t even know The Make Up Store did nail polishes but they have a surprisingly large range. I was looking at their new candy colours but couldn’t go past this silver hologram. I also purchased Aqua Fix, their recommend base coat for holographic polishes.

To see the true holographic effect, you need a smooth nail base. Aqua Fix is a very good base coat, but any ridge filler will have a similar effect so there’s no need to purchase this if you already have one in your collection. I also like Revitanail Ridge Filler or Butter London Nail Foundation for base coats.

Make Up Store Greta hologram polish - Nail Romance

Mak Up Store Nail Polish - Aqua Fix and Greta hologram

What’s your favourite holographic polish?

6 thoughts on “Loving…Sparkles and hologram polishes”

  1. I have an Ozotic holo polish and it’s amazing. You are so right in saying that holo polish is better in real life, you just can’t seem to capture it’s awesomeness on camera!

    • Hi Natalie! Yes, I was captivated inperson but it’s just so hard to photograph. It’s a beautiful polish, and may just be the start of a holo obsession x

  2. This color is really nice! Is the holographic effect really as subtle as in the photos?
    My favorite holographic polish is Hi Res by Milani, nice application, drys quickly, looks amazing and is even totally cheap. 😉

    • Hi Norwenna, the holo is much prettier in real life, I’m still learning how to photograph it. I’ll have to get that Milani polish, thanks for the tip! x


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