Dots & Stripes Nail Art

BioSculpture nail art

Bio Sculpture nail art

When confronted with so many nail art and nail colour options I asked myself, why do I only have 10 nails?! I couldn’t believe the choice available from Bio Sculpture. With over 170 colours in the range I didn’t know where to start.

I had mistakenly assumed that gel polish could only be applied in one colour but I was amazed by the creativity in those tiny test swatches.

The latest summer colours form the Holiday Beach Collection caught my eye, and I couldn’t choose between Coral Cove (132) and Isla del Sol (133) so I picked both. It was the same with dots and stripes. Again, why choose when you can have both! Plus a little heart just for my Nail Romance.

Nail Romance - Bio Sculpture Nail Art

Nail Romance - Bio Sculpture Nail Art hearts

Nail Romance - Bio Sculpture Nail Art

My mind is already planning my next nail art. What would you go for? Sequins? Studs? Feathers? Lace? The only limit is your imagination.

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4 thoughts on “Dots & Stripes Nail Art”

  1. Wow, so many colours! I’d love to see more of that crazy sparkly swatch from the top photo. It looks incredible! I get sick of one colour too quickly to bother getting anything like this done, but if I was to indulge for the holidays? Maybe a gradient design with glittery snowflakes over the top? Definitely something beyond what I can do on an ordinary day!

    • I love that idea Rachel! A shimmery gradient with glitter snowflakes would be so cute! I normally change my polish frequently but mainly because it chips. I love how long this lasts on my nails, especially over the holidays as I’m so busy right now. Thanks for stopping by Nail Romance x


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