My Nail Romance with Lab Muffin

Lab Muffin - My Nail Romance

One blog isn’t enough to contain Michelle Wong’s Nail Romance. In addition to her main beauty blog, Lab Muffin, she contributes to Polish or Perish and is a founding member of the new nail community Lacquerheads of Oz. Michelle has almost finished her PhD in chemistry and when she’s not busy blogging, she’s slogging away at her thesis or in the pole dance studio.

Tell me a bit about your blog

I started Lab Muffin in December 2011, mainly because my boyfriend was sick of seeing my nails (and nowhere near appreciative enough)! I’m also passionate about science literacy, and was disappointed in how badly beauty science is communicated, leading to so many myths and misunderstandings. So Lab Muffin is my attempt to make a little difference in the world by helping ordinary girls wade through marketing jargon, while making everyone check out my nails!

To give people a rest, I started posting swatches on Polish or Perish, an international blog run by “women with almost as much polish as they do education” – we all have or are working towards higher degrees.

Recently, a group of Aussie nail bloggers, nail techs, polish makers and other enthusiasts started Lacquerheads of Oz, which will gather all the nail polish knowledge out there, both for experts and girls just starting out, into one handy website. I’m very excited to be involved!

How often do you post?

5-7 times a week these days across the three blogs… a bit of a hectic schedule but I love it 🙂

Are you left or right handed?


What’s your best tip for painting your other hand?

I’m a bit ambidextrous from piano so it’s not too bad, but resting both wrists or elbows on a hard object makes it easier. And practice, of course!

How often do you paint your nails?

Every 3-5 days – I find that my nails tend to chip if they aren’t protected by a shield of polish.

How many polishes in your collection?

I put them all in a Google spreadsheet recently – under 400 not including doubles. Don’t tell the boyfriend.

How do you store your polishes?

I have that hallmark of a polish addict: the IKEA Helmer. I have one drawer each for cremes, shimmers, special finishes, toppers, base and top coats, and the dreaded untrieds. The boyfriend has said that he’ll leave me when I run out of space in it.

Which brand has the best brush?

Funnily enough, so far it’s been Bio Sculpture, who aren’t usually known for their polishes! I swatched four in a row without getting even the slightest drop on my skin – a first.

Favourite polish brand?

All of them! It’s hard for me to say but OPI, China Glaze and Essie have great ranges and hardly ever disappoint.

Favourite indie brand?

So hard to choose out of my favourite Aussies: Gloss ‘n Sparkle, Emily de Molly, Femme Fatale, Loki’s Lacquer and Pretty Serious! So I won’t 😛

Best luxe brand?

Chanel shades are always very covetable! Butter London is also amazing.

Best bargain buy?

ulta3 and Essence are great value for money.

Favourite colour?

Purple, coral and green, and teal! Especially teal.

Favourite colour combinations?

Purple and gold is always a winner!

Best colour for work?

Neutrals – brown and nude are nice, worksafe colours.

Best tip for making nail polish last longer?

Use a good base coat, and use a top coat that isn’t quick-dry. I use Orly Bonder as my base coat, and while I love Seche Vite top coat, I don’t recommend it if you want your nails to stay chip-free for longer than a couple of days.

What’s your favourite nail art trend?

I love bold designs, so tape manicures – they’re amazing for getting crisp lines!

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My Nail Romance with Nihrida

Nihrida - My Nail Romance

Today’s blog spotlight is on Sasha of Nihrida is known for her beautiful and creative photography, and her nail polish database is an amazing visual resource.

Tell me a bit about your blog

I like to call my blog a personal blog. I write about the stuff I like (nail polish and make up included), about my animals, and sometimes even about my current mood.

How often do you post?

As often as I feel is right. Sometimes I won’t update my blog for more than a week, but lately, I post almost every day.

Are you left or right handed?

Right handed.

What’s your best tip for painting your other hand?

Painting my other (left) hand isn’t a problem, since I’m right handed. I find it easier to paint the nails on my dominant hand first. I like to start at the pinkie fingernail and move towards the thumb nail.

How often do you paint your nails?

About 3 times per week. If I’m not counting the nail polish swatching.

How many polishes in your collection?

A LOT. I don’t have them counted, but I did organize a nail polish database of the polishes I got. I don’t own all of them anymore though.

How do you store your polishes?

In carton boxes. (Note: just bought an Ikea Helmer)

Which brand has the best brush?

I can’t say which brand has the best brush, but I like flat, flexible brushes that aren’t too big and chubby. Tip Top polishes have great brushes.

Favorite polish brand?

Don’t have just one favorite brand.

Favorite indie brand?

I don’t like indie polishes. It seems to me they don’t belong in my collection. They’re too random and not categorized enough. Plus they’re mostly funky glitters which is not my favorite finish.

Best luxe brand?


Best bargain buy?

Essence Colour & Go polishes. The old ones.

Favorite color?

Purple, electric blue.

Favorite color combinations?

Mint and gold.

Best color for work?

Vampy neutral red (something like Tip Top Red Rendezvous).

Best tip for making nail polish last longer?

Nothing works for me since my nails peel on a regular basis – wrapping tips works when my nails have a good day.

What’s your favorite nail art trend?

Gradient manicure.

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