My Nail Romance with Cosmetic Cupcake

Cosmetic Cupcake is an Australian beauty blog featuring some of the cutest nail art around. Meet blogger Michelle and learn some of her polish favourites as she shares her Nail Romance.

Tell me a bit about your blog

I’m Michelle and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’m a Registered Nurse by day and a beauty addict the rest of the time! I started reading blogs late 2009 and I decided to start my own in February 2010 as a way to unwind from the craziness that was fulltime work and study. Polishing my nails and sharing a love of beauty with the blogging community has helped keep me sane over the last 2 years.

How often do you post?

I try to post about 5 times a week but unfortunately recently I’ve dropped off to only about 2 or 3 times a week due to work, wedding planning and general life stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up my normal schedule again soon!

Are you left or right handed?

I’m right handed.

What’s your best tip for painting your other hand?

Practise is the key! Also it’s important to steady your non-dominant hand while painting and to take your time.

How often do you paint your nails?

Usually I paint my nails about every second day and when I’m stressed out its daily!

How many polishes in your collection?

I have about 900 polishes currently in my stash.

How do you store your polishes?

I use an IKEA Helmer and I desperately need another! I’ve got plastic containers filled with polish all over my room at the moment.

Which brand has the best brush?

I think it would have to be OPI with their Pro-Wide brush. My nail beds are huge and the brush gives such an even, perfect coverage for me in 3 easy strokes.

Favourite polish brand?

This is a really tough one as I love lots of brands but China Glaze steals my heart the most. I love their colour range, the awesome formula and the price point is so reasonable even with the crazy Aussie markups. I really like the shape of their bottles too!

Favourite indie brand?

I really resisted buying indie polish because I knew that once I went down the indie path I would go crazy trying different brands. The brand that made me take the first step was Lynderella and it has to be my favorite too. I don’t give a hoot about the drama surrounding the polishes and just appreciate the fact that they’re awesome glitters.

Best luxe brand?

There are so many luxe brands I love but Rescue Beauty Lounge is my favourite. The formula is out of this world and worth every penny. RBL is followed closely by Deborah Lippmann and Anna Sui.

Best bargain buy?

Ulta 3 and they’re an Aussie brand too yay!

Favourite colour?

I love pink but I wear all colours!

Favourite colour combinations?

I love the way gold and pink, purple and silver look together.

Best colour for school?

I was never allowed nail polish when I was in school but I would have worn pastels and brights. Something fun!

Best colour for work?

I’m so fortunate that my Nurse Manager lets me get away with wearing crazy nail art and every colour under the sun at work. However, if I worked in a corporate environment I would probably go with nudes and pinks but with a twist – think a subtle holographic such as Butter London All Hail The Queen, Glitter Gal Frappe or Catherine Arley 670 (a really pale pin). I’d also add some subtle nail art such as floral stamping using white or gold.

Best party colour?

Nothing starts a party quite like GLITTER! My go to is any of the glitters from Deborah Lippmann or Milani Jewel FX.

What colour would you wear on your wedding day?

My wedding is in less than 6 months and I haven’t decided yet! Most probably a pink with shimmer as I bought the nail polishes from the Jill Stuart Bridal collection ages ago and I’ll be wearing a combination of the polishes on the day.

Best tip for making nail polish last longer?

Topcoat and sealing your tips. It makes a big difference!

What’s your favourite nail art trend?

I adore all types of nail art and I can’t have a manicure without it. My favourite would probably have to be glitter gradient manicures as they look fantastic but are super easy and don’t take long to do at all.

Thanks so much for sharing your Nail Romance Michelle!

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